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Smart Keyboard PRO चे वर्णन

Smart Keyboard Pro is a fast multitouch keyboard with multi-language support, skins, voice input, T9 and compact mode, Smart dictionary, custom Auto-Text, hard keyboard support, calibration, and many other appearance and prediction options. Get it now and see by yourself why it is the best rated keyboard app on Google Play!

Contact us on Twitter @SmartKeyboard

Google+ community: https://goo.gl/qOTPF2

To subscribe to beta versions: go here: https://goo.gl/lq4n2r

*** For instructions regarding Emoji, please visit http://www.dexilog.com/smartkeyboard/en/help/emojis/ ***

Samsung users: make sure to disable the Optimizer for this app to avoid unexpected issues!

Don't forget to read the FAQ and the users' guide on the web site if you have problems, answers to most common issues are there (including: how to use Emojis)!

You can long press 123 key any time to enter keyboard settings.

A trial version is available on Google Play (look for the app "Smart Keyboard Trial"). Note that this Pro version is a standalone app, you don't need the Trial to use it.

Ignore the warning about the keyboard "collecting your personal data", this is a standard Android message when you activate any third party input method.

Contains layouts for the following languages (check the market for available dictionaries):


Albanian: shqip

Arabic: العربية

Armenian: Հայերեն

Azerbaijani: Azərbaycanca

Belarusian: Беларуская

Bosnian: Bosanski

Bulgarian: Български

Catalan: Català

Chinese: 中文

Croatian: Hrvatski

Czech: Čeština

Danish: Dansk

Dutch: Nederlands



Estonian: Eesti

Finnish: Suomi

French: Français

Greek: Ελληνικά

Georgian: ქართული

German: Deutsch

Hebrew: עברית

Hindi: हिन्दी

Hungarian: Magyar

Icelandic: Íslenska

Indonesian: Bahasa Indonesia

Italian: Italiano

Japanese: 日本語

Kazakh: Қазақша

Korean: 한국어

Kurdish: Kurdî / كوردی

Latvian: Latviešu

Lithuanian: Lietuvių

Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuergesch

Macedonian: Македонски

Mongolian: Монгол

Norwegian: Norsk

Persian: فارسی

Polish: Polski

Portuguese: Português

Romanian: Română

Russian: Русский

Serbian: Српски

Slovak: Slovenčina

Slovenian: Slovenščina

Spanish: Español

Swedish: Svenska

Ukrainian: Українська

Tatar: Татарча

Thai: ไทย

Turkish: Türkçe

Vietnamese: Tiếng Việt

Enjoy your new typing experience!


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APK आवृत्ती 4.14.0
सुसंगती Android 2.2.x+ (Froyo)
निर्माता Dexilog, LLC
गोपनीयता धोरण http://www.dexilog.com/smartkeyboard/en/help/privacy-rules/
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